5 Best Sites to Shop for Premium WordPress Themes in 2018

WordPress is becoming more and more popular every year. This has led to a growing demand for WordPress products including themes. This demand has inspired many new companies and individuals to start commercial WordPress theme shops. In the vast sea of Premium WordPress themes shops, it’s hard to distinguish professionalism from amateurish. In this post, we’re showcasing 5 best places to shop for Premium WordPress Themes in 2018.


1. ThemeForest

Best sites to buy wordpress themes 2018

Themeforest has arguably the largest collection of premium WordPress themes online. As part of the Envato family, it’s a marketplace where digital assets of all types are sold, from menus, HTML templates, logos, to yes, WordPress themes. To help you choose the best theme, there are theme ratings, user reviews, and developer’s portfolio.


Most items on Theme Forrest are offered on a 12-month license period as far as support and updates. All the themes in the Themeforest have to go through tough quality checks before they are approved. So poor quality theme never get a chance to appear in the ThemeForest.

2. WordPress Theme Clubs

If you are a developer, web company or someone who need many themes, consider going with a WordPress Theme Club such as Elegant Themes. These a premium theme vendors that bundle all of your themes for you to use on unlimited sites, for an annual fee that’s usually not much different than the price of a single premium theme.


For a great review and comparison of the best WordPress Theme Clubs you should consider, read this excellent guide by the folks at DynamicDrive.com.


3. MOJO Marketplace


MOJO is another large marketplace for any web items like WordPress themes, plugins, and services. With 1000’s of premium theme the site has, you will definitely find the perfect theme that matches your requirement. Like any other theme marketplace, MOJO marketplace also has a review team who go through each line of code to ensure quality in their themes. The categories and filterable searches will help you quickly locate the themes designed for the specific field. The support for your theme will be provided by the theme developer of that theme. Each theme has their own support forum to help you solve problems and ask questions.

4. CSSIgniter

CSSIgniter is another popular WordPress themes seller. The site has the collection of over 88 premium and free WordPress. CSSIgniter was started in 2010 to fulfill the need of WordPress developers and website owners. They have some best themes for various categories. Their themes are generally considered beginner friendly, with thorough documentation to guide the user. They have flexible pricing options where you can buy a single theme or have access to all the themes. There is also the developer plan and the lifetime access plan.


5. StudioPress

StudioPress is a famous marketplace for WordPress themes industry. StudioPress is the creator of Genesis theme framework, which countless WordPress sites rely on to build out their WordPress sites. The Genesis Framework is leading design framework and already powers over 500,000 WordPress sites. StudioPress sells their own themes as well third-party themes on their site. The themes all inherit from the Genesis framework master theme. StudioPress themes are really easy to setup and use. They provide search engine optimized code, rock-solid security, auto updates, world-class support, and a huge developer community, You have the option to either purchase a single theme, or go for the pro plus plan for $499.95, which gives you access to all the themes available on the website.



WordPress theme marketplaces makes it easy for consumers to shop for and get quality after care for themes they purchase. As a consumer, you must choose your theme wisely. Make sure you do not end up buying plans and themes you will never use. We hope the article was successful in helping you find the best shop to buy WordPress themes.

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