Best one line quotes on life Happy new Year Wishes Images 2017

Thoughts and sayings are always boost up freshness in our life therefore peoples love to exchange of them each other and specially on social media platforms. Trend of sharing best one line quotes on life is very high and specially on microblogging sites like Twitter and famous mobile application like whats app. You can check Happy New Year Wishes Images, Happy new year 2017 Wishes etc.

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Best one line quotes on life

Best one line quotes on life

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Happy new Year Wishes Images 2017

We Wish you all the very Happy New Year with all great opportunities of the world for your life

We Want God will bless you completeness in your life with all luxury which you want to have

1 – Take life like a golden way which will shine on moving ahead.

2 – Life is too short for learning from your own experiences, try to learn from others.

3 – Life is the gift of god so keep it safe and secure like a diamond.

4 – The toughest task for a Man to understand his wife.

5 – Without happiness life is like horror film which never gives smile on our faces.

6 – If nature of the peoples is changing for you time to time it means they are teaching you.

7 – Take everything like a butter on every moment this will make you winner one day.

8 – If you speak truth always then no need of remembering what you said to someone.

9 – Laziness is the habit of emperors because they don’t waste their time in small things.

10 – I always agree with everyone because I know how to make all peoples happy.

11 – Life is the place where you can learn, feel, experience and live the moments you want to live.

12 – Sharing the happiness with everyone is the art of making it multiple times.

13 – Keeping the privacy may be good but it gives lonely feeling.

14 – When I sit alone I get the chance to calculate what i got and what i loss.

15 – Helping others always bring happiness to heart so do it regularly.

16 – Supporting hands never live alone they get many others to hold them.

17 – I don’t take revenge of my insult I make it my energy for moving ahead.

18 – I am always be with you to experience your bad time and improve your better time.

19 – It is the habit of gentleman they express goodness by their activities.

20 – Barking is the habit of dogs elephants like to move on.

21 – Giving respect to others is the key to multiple yours.

22 – Future forecasting is the thing which make you different from the losers.

23 – A courier delivery man is the person who brings happiness to your home with stuff.

24 – Falling in love brings cocktail of sad and happiness together.

25 – Respect and care are the two most important factors for every relationship.

26 –  Being sincere is the key of getting success and respect surely.

27 – Morning rays always brings freshness but good sleep is something more than it.

28 – God loves you more when you love this world made by him.

29 – Be prepare to see quality is every person this will improve a lot.

30 – Creating good environment is the art of great entrepreneurs.

31 – Name of the person always more effective than himself.

32 – Your day starts when someone wish me good morning with great smile.

33 – Blessings of mother and father are like umbrella for us for whole the life either they live or not.

34 – When you copy the idea it is stealing and when you think and produce it then it is research.

35 – I am vegetarian because I love living things.

36 – Google is not only the search engine but it is answer of every question.

37 – Why we see so many fool peoples in the world, it is because good like to entertain himself.

38 – Fighting with big peoples always give something to the smaller because they don’t have to lose so many things.

39 – Glass is made after very high temperature therefore it is transparent and shiny also.

40 – Money is not everything in our life but nothing can be buy without it.

41 – When you make girlfriend make sure she is attractive and when making wife she must be understanding.

42 – Worrying is the habit of future forecasting peoples because they make plan for future issues.

43 – Always keep away from those friends who want to know more about you but don’t want to tell about himself.

44 – If you disclosed your plan A and plan B to your closed person then remember to make plan C and hide it.

45 – I never like to sit in bus who have two drivers at same time and career is like the same thing.

46 – Making too many friends is always profitable but not understanding them is very harmful.

47 – Making good health is directly related to lesser death rate.

48 – Looking good can attract the peoples once or twice but being intelligent can bring them forever.

49 – Friendly nature is really good for career growth but over doing it can disclose your own secrets.

50 – In today’s time pizza comes faster then police so we have more trust on Pizza shops.

51 – You got so many friends without need if you have money and you are alone when your pockets are empty.

52 – Cats don’t get training for climbing the wall but dogs need trainer for doing the same.

53 – Formats of the books have changed, if you are not using laptops then missing the real growth.

54 – Charity always helps us for stop loving the money.

55 – If you want to do some good to someone, just try to generate smile on their faces.

56 – What happened if I have round body, I think it also have some shape.

57 – Colour of the body is not matter because I have a decent face cut.

58 – Having good attitude of talking and walking can hide hundreds of problem of ugly body.

59 – Meditation is the key to find yourself in few minutes.

60 – Peace mind don’t need training of concentration it has it naturally.

One line Inspirational quotes –

1 – Opportunity knock the door once so stand with alertness near your door.

2 – Dot com life style is the key of successfully living your every dream in 21st century.

3 – Habit of taking problems easily makes you more efficient to handle them.

4 – Clear your vision move to mission then success will be your passion.

5 – Focus on the learning and distribute your efforts into planning and implementing.

6 – Blogging is the art of expression, guiding and making money online.

7 –  An idea is more worthy as compare to million dollars piggy bank.

8 – Don’t undervalue your self other wise no will understand your value.

9 – Time of hard work has gone smart working is the new strategy of entrepreneurs.

10 – Everyday of life is precious so learn new things every day without wasting a single minute.

11 – Don’t try to make money, just try to make you more capable money will run behind you.

12 – Great speakers don’t throw the words, they speak to strike minds of the audience.

13 – Stop following others, start completing your wish, it is great way for moving ahead.

14 – I am firm to my decision because I made it after great observation.

15 – If you can observe your competitors then you can make better strategies.

16 – Try and try again is the key of success and legends did it many times.

17 – Don’t think to break old records, just think to make new records.

18 – If you lost the fear of your failure then you are near to be winner.

19 – There is lack of good work without the experts.

20 – Reading about the legends gives us their experience without spending time.

21 – When Mark thought to connect the whole world he done it, so nothing is impossible just start trying for anything.

22 – We are just like those mad peoples once started walking and created the history.

23 – Only mad peoples can make the history and wise peoples read about them only.

24 – Thinking differently can stand out you from the crowd otherwise normal life is the nature of mango peoples.

25 – Time gone to improve your hand writing it is the time of increasing typing speed.

26 – Difference between manager and entrepreneur, first can handle the task, second can innovate the task.

27 – Sweet words are always multiple times powerful then anything because your words can go into heart of anyone.

28 – Stop asking for permission can only bring you victory line first.

29 – More risk capacity is equal to more chance of becoming big otherwise normal path can bring you to home only.

30 – Happiness is like flying birds, sometimes on your shoulder and sometimes on others.

31 – A good starting brings nice end.

32 – Result of any work gives final calculation what we have done to complete it.

33 – Fighting bird with the eagle is clear sign of god’s blessings so must have faith in our heart.

34 – A tax takes some part of our income but it gives multiple return in terms of safety, health, education and clean country.

35 – If an ant can bring multiple times weight over his body then why I can not.

36 – I never think about my failure, I just learn and forget it forever.

37 – Greatness is the final income of our every effort so keep it in mind while doing anything.

38 – Staying longer with the problems can only make you capable to handle them.

39 – Getting credit of work is good but all time focusing on it can loss your respect.

40 – I don’t waste my time to argue with fools because my time is most precious to discuss with wise persons.

Find some nice motivational thoughts in Hindi language also.


One line thoughts on attitude – Best one line quotes

1 – I don’t believe in doing jobs i always try to generate new jobs.

2 – Standing in the line of employers in my passion so leave row of employees.

3 – Value of my services can’t be calculated so i never negotiate with my clients.

4 – Don’t ask for cheaper rates for my product because you don’t deserve to value it.

5 – I never planned to do job but every night dreaming to give jobs.

6 – Everyone should proud on himself if others don’t have time to do it on you.

7 – I always choose the way which i think is suitable and don’t follow others path.

8 – If you don’t have time for me then I am too much busy in myself.

9 – Attitude is just like my shadow and mine is the most positive in the world.

10 – Think like legends will make you different from others.

11 – I am techie not a labour I can do everything smartly.

12 – Living normal life is not for me I born to live it like a king.

13 – I don’t give interviews because always thought for taking them.

14 – My one day is not for earning bread it is for making the future.

15 – Become like a tree is better than being professional because it gives everything to the world.

16 – I don’t face trouble for a second because it is not in my mind.

17 – When people jealous to me I try to repeat the reason of it.

18 – I don’t look to anyone if he is big because I proud to myself what I am.

19 – The alternative of good manner is your smile to someone.

20 – My respect is the most valuable thing in the world so never try to reduce it.

21 – Defeat and victory both are the part of race so be ready for any one.

22 – Once in a life avoiding every person is must because it makes them remember about your existence.

23 – Enjoying every moment is the key of success because finally we want it after end of every work.

24 – There is no impact of changing profile status every day, you need to change your living attitude.

25 – No one in the world could buy me but I started available free after falling in love.

26 – No one in the world is thinking about their sorrow but they are worried because some other one is happy.

27 – Overconfidence is like an insect, it eats you from inner side and finally finish your abilities.

28 – Live in yourself, avoid words of others then you will feel like complete man.

29 – If you win don’t be over happy, if you loss then don’t fall in sorrow, this is the art of real player.

30 – Winners and losers both can teach you, some about how to do and some about how not to do.

31 – Don’t disturb our peace, we are like sea if started floating then can grab everything.


Best one line quotes on success

1 – Don’t run behind the success, do your work sincerely, success will run behind you.

2 – I don’t follow the ways, we create them and others follow me.

3 – Adopting the dot com status is the key of promoting any business online.

4 – Never disclose your secrets otherwise competition will close your business.

5 – Courage of moving ahead is must for becoming the leader in career.

6 – Wise peoples give equal time to listening, thinking and speaking.

7 – I always make plans silently because my victory make big noise.

8 – Think differently is the strategy of old time now time to think smartly.

9 – Adopting the technology more is the key of faster success in 21st century.

10 – If you plan after understanding the facts and others strategies then you can be the winner.

11 – Time always matters if you start first then you may reach first.

12 – If you can sell yourself then you can sell everything in the world.

13 – Making good friends at work place is always better to chase the goal.

14 – Life is like an aerobics because both need good balancing.

15 – If you want to live luxurious life then being more techie is the best decision.

16 – Dot com lifestyle is the smartest way of making money in current century.

17 – Smart peoples don’t disclose their own thoughts but know views of all others.

18 – Blogging is the art of selling stuff online if you are not doing it then missing multiple sales.

19 – Before making your business strategy always understand what others want from you.

20 – Learning from own mistakes can cost you a big amount so always learn from others mistakes.

21 –  Stop demanding the things from peoples, start winning the thing which you want to get.

22 – Real attempts can be done silently otherwise noise can disturb your focus towards your goal.

23 – Small steps can complete the journey of thousands of miles, it needs only firmness with regularity.

24 – Life is not for searching the person in you, it is for making you that person people loves you.

25 – You face the problem when you notice it and avoiding it may bring out from the bad feeling.

26 – Your growth can be found only outside the relaxing zone because good jewellery making process needs high temperature.

27 – Be prepare for many fighting if you really want to get great success.

28 – Up and downs in career are like bad roads which makes your driving better.

29 – Sometimes your patience stops you for chasing your dreams so try to be impatient.

30 – Winners are always hungry to chase the new benchmark, so be hungry.

31 – The difference between rich and poor peoples rich thinks for smart working and poor thinks for hard working.

32 – If you want to become superstar then don’t feel like superstar, just feel like common man then you will be in heart of every common man.

33 – Your reputation is the actual earning of your life so make it seriously.

34 – Goodwill is the building which can make in so many years and can be destroyed in few minutes so be careful for your goodwill.

35 – If you are enjoying the task what you are doing then it is the positive sign towards your success.

36 – Nice planning and proper implementation of it is actually make you you perfect professional.

37 – I don’t think for leading any movement, i think to start the movement which leads the change in the system.

38 – You must seriously hear every small to small advice sometimes your success is hidden in them.

39 – No one can be superior over to you until there are inferior complex in you.

40 – Information is the art of quick success and now time gone of too much hard work.


If you have more best one line quotes on life and single line quotes then feel free to share in your comments below. Thanks.

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